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Once you have completed a learning activity, the questions that it contained will move to a MemoTraining. The MemoTrainer is composed every night around two o’clock, based on which questions you had answered right in your course and which you haven't. The questions you got wrong will come back more often in the MemoTraining than the ones you have answered right. De questions will be repeated and when you correctly answered the questions, the repetition intervals will be getting bigger.

It's been scientifically proven that you remember the learning materials better when you sleep a night on it before practicing it again the next day, then you would practice it for one day long.
By practicing manageable chunks each day, the curriculum will be absorbed in your long-term memory. You can see this in the ‘retention’. The higher the percentage, the more of your course is absorbed in your long-term memory. 

Adjust the MemoTrainer to your personal preference for it to work best for you. You can set up a training schedule and choose an exam date. 


Click MemoTrainer settings in your overview.


Training type
This option lets you specify whether you want to work towards a particular exam date or whether you prefer to get a fixed amount of questions each time a MemoTraining is offered. In the latter case the system gives an estimate (shown at statistics) of when you will reach the desired training level.

Training level
This option lets you select the intensity of your MemoTrainings. The training level is the knowledge level you require at the time of the exam. The higher this level, the more intensive and extensive your MemoTrainings will be. The default setting is ‘adequate’.

Week planning
With this option you can specify which days of the week you want to do a MemoTraining and whether you want to receive reminders by email.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications of the MemoTrainer, click all days on 'MemoTraining without reminder'.
Click the cross to return to your course overview.

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